Workshop Schedule

Collegiate Shag

Workshops will be geared towards dancers confident in Improver/Intermediate level workshops.

As a guide you will need to have danced Collegiate Shag regularly for at least 1-2 years attending regular shag classes or/and Weekend Shag Festivals.  You should be able to dance an entire song without losing your footwork or stopping, or lagging behind the tempo.  You should be be confident of moves in 6,8 and 10 count Rhythms. You are confident in dancing shag on the social dance floor and enjoy various tempo's.

Class content will built over the weekend as you gain confidence, with moves to enhance and make you comfortable with your social dancing.


Workshops will be geared towards dancers confident in intermediate and above level workshops. You will need to have danced Balboa regularly for at least 2 years, and be able to confidently lead/follow a wide range of moves on the social dance floor, including throw outs from many different positions, out and ins, lollies, swivels, Texas Tommy. You should be comfortable social dancing to a range of tempos, adding spice with your own variations.... 

Taster Classes

More information coming soon...

Previous tasters have included Spins and Turns with Grace and Style, The "Nitty Gritty", Active Listening, Carolina Shag, Charleston and Ladies Styling 

More information to follow shortly...

Andreas Ollson Dance Class Stephen Sayers and Chanzie Roettig Shag Class Swing Fastival Workshop